May 21 2020

What’s Going On??

To say that 2020 has not been a banner year thus far for the transgender community might very well go down as the understatement of all time. But to me, ...
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May 20 2020

What’s Your Pronoun? Strategies for Inclusion in the Workplace

As more and more companies move from "policy to practice" and imbue their cultures with a greater degree of inclusivity, the listing of preferred pronouns in company-related communication vehicles such ...
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May 5 2020

LGBTQ Employees and the COVID-19 Pandemic

My dear friends at Out & Equal (thank you Deena Fidas!) have produced a wonderfully comprehensive guide designed to assist companies in navigating the COVID-19 crisis for their LGBTQ employees. ...
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May 5 2020

Know Your Rights during COVID-19

From my friends at the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund (TLDEF), a very timely guide for transgender and non-binary people who may find themselves having to navigate the COVID-19 ...
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May 4 2020

We’re in a Pandemic So the Feds Plan to Revoke Trans Healthcare Protections

Once upon a time, in an administration long ago & far away, the Dept. of Justice and the Dept. of Health & HUMAN Services could be counted on to protect ...
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Apr 23 2020

Over 300,000 transgender people at high risk of serious COVID-19 illness

As we all struggle as individuals and businesses to deal with the effects of this unprecedented global pandemic - and if we truly live the values of #weareallinthistogether - then ...
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Apr 21 2020

Virginia Gov. Signs First LGBTQ-Inclusive Civil Rights Law in South

At last, some GOOD NEWS for the transgender community! A big thank you to the legislature and the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia! Let your leadership and your humanity ...
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Apr 19 2020

Supporting Transgender Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is beyond safe to say that "at-home" life has changed radically for all of us as we cope with the challenges of the day-to-day in the midst of a ...
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Guide to being an ally to transgender and nonbinary youth

Apr 14 2020

Guide to being an Ally to Transgender and Nonbinary Youth

I have posted a number of resources of late regarding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the LGBTQ, and particularly transgender, community. While that is extremely important, it is ...
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