Stephanie’s Capital Pride Media Appearances Highlighted by Interview on CBC Radio One Ottawa


As a special guest of the United States Embassy, Stephanie’s appearances during Capital Pride garnered quite a bit of coverage by the local Ottawa media outlets. Of particular note was her Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) appearance with host Amanda Pfeffer on the show “Ottawa Morning.”  

She spoke with Amanda about her workplace transition story, as well as what it was like coming out to her son and to her family – all of which played a critical role in the timing and the pace of her transition. They are important considerations to keep prominently in mind for both transgender individuals and their employers.

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dailyxtra_header_logoPrior to her Free to Learn Lecture Series keynote, Stephanie sat down with Julie Cruikshank of the Daily Xtra, the leading LGBT newspaper in Ottawa, along with fellow U.S. activist Cason Crane, to discuss the current state of affairs with the LGBT movement in the United States and with transgender rights in particular.

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metro_newsThe Metro Ottawa newspaper prominently featured Stephanie in a number of stories during Pride week, one of which featured her views on the Canadian trans-rights movement and that of its sister movement in the United States in advance of her keynote address at the Free to Learn Lecture series.

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