Stephanie Battaglino

Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America

Stephanie Battaglino spent decades hiding from her true self, lost in a maze of shame, guilt, and denial. In her drive for success, she struggled to find authenticity. Through triumph and setback as a male in the business world, Stephanie finally realized that embracing her identity was the only path to career fulfillment. This leap of faith made her the first transgender officer in the history of New York Life. But she quickly realized that it came with a price: the loss of male privilege.

Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling: Finding My True Self in Corporate America offers a rare look at how one individual navigated work life from two gender perspectives and transcended the Glass Ceiling. It’s a powerful trailblazing story of inspiration, self-discovery, and triumph - for EVERYONE.


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This most engaging book is a treasure map to an intimate understanding of the challenges, sacrifices, and joyful fulfillment of being a self-affirmed woman who is transgender. Stephanie’s honest storytelling is compelling and enlightening. As she makes clear, it’s just one person’s tale, but her very personal sharing will open hearts and minds and will resonate with anyone who has made the hero’s journey to authentic living.

Brian McNaught

Author of Brian McNaught’s Guide to LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace, “The godfather of gay diversity training” The New York Times

"Stephanie Battaglino masterfully uses her own learnings and experiences in the workplace to create better and more equitable workplaces for today's employees. Her workshops and writings should be assigned coursework for executives to create truly inclusive corporate cultures and for LGBTQ employees looking to bring their full selves to work."

Sarah Kate Ellis

GLAAD President and CEO

Stephanie Battaglino has woven a powerful and inspiring story, spanning everything from corporate culture, to self-discovery, to gender politics, to indispensable professional advice. With a unique and relatable voice, Stephanie seamlessly guides readers between humor, honesty, and hope. As a cisgender woman, I found “Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling” immensely illuminating and insightful. But make no mistake: this book will universally resonate with anyone who has felt like an outsider in corporate America—regardless of gender identity.

Jennifer Brown

Founder & CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting

In a detailed, personal account of metamorphosis, Stephanie Battaglino's story of her internal and external transition from male to female fills you in on the inner turmoil and psychic pain caused by the discovery that you don't align with society's concepts of gender. Her story also gives insight into how transgender people can soar after finding their true self and the courage to live it. Couple that with the realization that her male privilege also ended with her transformation, and the reader receives a wide angled view of how our multiple identities intertwine to create the person we are and the person the world perceives. If you want to understand the people in the transgender community--and find yourself as an ally, too--Stephanie's book is a great guide.

Steve Humerickhouse

Executive Director at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, a program of Augsburg University

In ‘Reflections from Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling,’ Stephanie Battaglino gives us a glimpse of the unique experiences of transgender people who transition at work and an understanding of how gender affects workplace experience in tangible and inescapable ways. Warm, funny, and insightful – Stephanie allows us to look at the intersection of gender and power in an approachable way. This book is a must read for leaders seeking to understand how identity shapes workplace experience and their role in creating welcoming, equitable spaces for all.

Beck Bailey

Former Director, Workplace Equality Program, Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Stephanie Battaglino’s lifeline is authenticity. As a proud transgender woman, and as a business leader and storyteller, her passion for authenticity has inspired a full life and a remarkable career. Her memoir is a truly rewarding way to open doors, minds and hearts.

Bob Witeck

President Witeck Communications, Inc.

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