Please Join Me as PFLAG Celebrates 50 Years of Leading With Love

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Fifty years ago, PFLAG was born from an act of love. In 1972, a humble schoolteacher and mother, Jeanne Manford, walked alongside her gay son, activist Morty Manford, in New York’s Christopher Street Liberation Day March, an early precursor to today’s Pride marches. Her homemade sign famously read Parents of Gays: Unite in support of our children. It was a call to action to family and non-family allies to take a stand in support of LGBTQ+ people to ensure their rights, their safety, and affirmation in their families and communities. The first meeting of PFLAG took place nine months later, on March 11, 1973.

Since then, PFLAG has grown from one modest support meeting in New York City to a thriving network of hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members and supporters nationwide, with more than 325,000 members and supporters. PFLAG’s aim, then and now, is to create a caring, just, and affirming world for LGBTQ+ people and those who love them. That hasn’t changed.

On March 3, 2023 philanthropic partners, celebrities, PFLAG National leaders, chapter members and supporters will gather to celebrate this legacy at the PFLAG 50th Anniversary Gala. The PFLAG 50th Anniversary Gala will celebrate 50 years of leading with love and will feature celebrity honorees, notables, and advocates; workplace DEI champions; and LGBTQ+ people and families whose lives were changed by PFLAG.

I have been a board member of this wonderful organization since 2015 and I sincerely hope that you will consider joining me for what I am sure will be an amazing evening!

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Perhaps your firm would like to show its continued commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion – and it’s allyship for the LGBTQ+ community by becoming a sponsor?   If so, the PFLAG 50th Anniversary Gala will provide your organization with  maximum visibility during the event, in the media, and in our communications to our 325,000 members and supporters in the lead-up to the event. Your partnership will demonstrate your support of an organization who shares your vision of an equitable, inclusive world where every LGBTQ+ person is safe, celebrated, empowered, and loved. You and your distinguished guests will see first-hand the positive impacts of continually supporting a workplace environment of inclusion, and I personally would be thrilled to celebrate this milestone celebration with you!

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P.S. – Please do not hesitate to share this with anyone in your organization that you believe would be interested in supporting the Gala!

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Understand Transgender People

And this is my biggest concern as we wait until June (!!!) for SCOTUS to rule. I have concerns that the ACLU’s argument that Aimee Stephens is an “insufficiently masculine” man who was fired for not adhering to male stereotypes is fraught with risk. Risk in further confusing judges that already do not quite get the gender identity argument at the root of what being trans is. Conversely, it does move the narrative away from gender identity – something that, arguably, a person cannot “see” when they meet a trans person for the first time – to the much more “visual” dimension of gender expression. Rather than looking at these dimensions of gender separately, the much more compelling – and complete – view is to present them together in explaining what the true essence of being transgender is.

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