Pride Month 2023: Celebrating 100 Trailblazing LGBTQ+ Women

Well, I must say this was a very pleasant surprise! It’s really an honor to be included among such an amazing group of women who are truly making a difference in our world. THANK YOU to everyone at myGwork – LGBTQ+ professionals & allies! That I am included along with my sisters in the Movement, Katie Neeves FRSACelia Sandhya Daniels#LaverneCox, and #JennyBoylan makes it even more special. Also, I see you Julie Harris, and Sarah Kate Ellis! Let’s change the world – together!

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Stephanie Honored to be included in the 100 Important Transwomen List

Supremely honored that my friend and fellow activist, Monica Helms, who is the creator of the transgender flag, included me on this list with such awesome trans women, most of whom I can count among my friends. If you click on the image you’ll find me right above the word “Trans”!