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Regardless of what topic you choose to have Stephanie speak to your event or conference attendees about, one thing is guaranteed:  they will come away with a much deeper understanding of the human experience and how we all share more common ground than we think.  Changing hearts and minds can do that – and it will make a difference for everyone who experiences her powerful stories of self-discovery and inclusion.

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Stephanie Battaglino
Transgender Speaker
Stephanie is an internationally recognized and sought after diversity and inclusion speaker, workshop presenter, trainer and workplace diversity consultant. She is a leader in the vanguard of the transgender workplace equality and education movement. Her keynote speeches and interactive workshop presentations focus on how to create transgender inclusive workplaces and evolving the transgender workplace inclusion narrative by moving companies and organizations “from policy to practice,” and evolving the narrative with regard to the rapid emergence of the gender continuum and the broadening nature of gender expression.