We’re in a Pandemic So the Feds Plan to Revoke Trans Healthcare Protections

Once upon a time, in an administration long ago & far away, the Dept. of Justice and the Dept. of Health & HUMAN Services could be counted on to protect and serve ALL of the citizens of the United States. I’m running out of adjectives to describe how utterly hurtful their actions have become in an effort to eradicate an entire community of individuals – and trying to slink it through somehow in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis??!!! Clearly a deplorable new low . . . We need our allies more than ever….read more

Over 300,000 transgender people at high risk of serious COVID-19 illness

As we all struggle as individuals and businesses to deal with the effects of this unprecedented global pandemic – and if we truly live the values of – then I believe it is critical to understand the impact the spread of COVID-19 is having on vulnerable communities who may be particularly at risk to the effects of the virus and the economic downturn it has created….read more

Supporting Transgender Youth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is beyond safe to say that “at-home” life has changed radically for all of us as we cope with the challenges of the day-to-day in the midst of a global pandemic. In keeping with the theme of my recent posts regarding the transgender community and COVID-19, this piece does a wonderful job of bringing into focus the specific and unique challenges faced by transgender and non-binary youth living with the reality of stay-at-home orders…read article

Guide to being an Ally to Transgender and Nonbinary Youth

I have posted a number of resources of late regarding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the LGBTQ, and particularly transgender, community. While that is extremely important, it is of potentially greater significance to recognize the difficulty many a well-meaning person may have in just understanding whom transgender and non-binary people are – a lived experience that is very different from their own. Working from the position that we all genuinely want to do the right thing in our human interactions – even from a safe six-foot distance – this resource, produced by the wonderful folks at The Trevor Project, does a superb job of covering all of the basics.


Transgender Rights Are Under Attack: A Useful Visual Depiction

In the wake of the simply horrendous anti-transgender bills signed earlier this week by the Idaho governor, I was asked by one of the awesome allies in my network, Rebecca Braitling, Founder of InspiraWork, LLC, what all allies could do to help and influence change.

To that end, I believe the best way to exert influence is to do so at the state level. It is there, closest to home, where allies can exert the largest degree of influence as they are the citizens – and more importantly – the constituents of the state leaders that bring these hateful bills into existence to begin with. Calling and emailing state representatives in opposition to these bills is a great place to start.

Thankfully, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has assembled an interactive map that enables one to do just that. You can see at a glance where these hateful and marginalizing bills are being promulgated, if at all, in your particular state. Simply click on the state and you can obtain further detail on the bill(s) that are being considered, or in some cases, have already passed. You can access the map HERE.

As I have often said, the transgender community cannot do it alone. We simply do not have the numbers. Allies of all stripes exponentially raise the level of our collective voice for change. We rely on their passion and commitment to move the needle in a positive direction in every state of our union.

So, I ask you, dear ally: are you an ally with a “Capital A” or a “small A?” I sincerely hope your answer is the former versus the latter.

Stay Safe, Stay Home. Stay Well. Love One Another.