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For those of you that have never seen me speak or teach, please take a moment to watch. This reel was compiled from some of my most recent speaking engagements.  If after watching, you believe there is opportunity to bring one of my programs to your organization, please reach out to me through the website.

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Stephanie Adds Her Voice to The Huffington Post

Over  the course of a mere two weeks, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to add my voice on the Huffington Post website:  as a new blogger in their “Gay Voices” section, and as a guest panelist on “Huff Post Live.”

For the former, I was asked by my colleagues at PFLAG to write a piece about what the importance of trans allies means to me, especially as it pertained to my decision to come out at work a few years ago.  Today, as it was then for me, the importance of allies – those individuals that advocate for and support members of a community other than their own – cannot be overstated.  You can read the entire blog by clicking here.

The producers of Huff Post Live asked me to share, once again, my experiences raising my son in a segment about being a parent who also happens to be trans.  The episode, which included other trans parents, provided a rich array of experiences that I hope you find engaging and informative.





See Stephanie’s Video Interview in The New Republic

New Republic InterviewI recently was asked to share my personal story of transition – not only from a workplace perspective, but also from a personal perspective for “The Next Republic” series on The New Republic website.

As part of The New Republic‘s centennial celebration, the articles and analysis of the Next Republic campaign, will explore the key issues set to shape the coming century: work, gender, business, entrepreneurship, identity, and community.  The video interview focuses on both the identity and work elements of these trends – and provides a revealing and deeply personal glimpse into one trans* person’s journey to embrace her authentic self…watch interview

Stephanie Speaks at Barney’s Sons & Daughters Documentary Screening Event

In my role as a Board Member of the LGBT Community Center of New York, I was honored to share the stage with a friend and fellow activist in the transgender equality movement, Mara Keisling, the Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) at a screening of the acclaimed Sons & Daughters documentary and accompanying ad campaign which featured transgender models. A truly watershed evening!